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Stormcrown was a Breton, no a Nord, no an Atmoran, and you sit and play in the sand. That star, chained and unchained, pokes holes in the moons once, twice, three times. The Earth is bound with secret knots." -- The Soft Doctrines of Magnus Invisible But perhaps Jobasha should give an even more famous example: "Daedroth, do you keep the faith? Chitin is very easily punctured by pointy things, unless it's a weevil - those suckers are tough to pin.

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“The Friend Zone”, contrary to popular belief, it’s not only men who get stuck in that dreaded place.

I’m currently in the zone with a guy who I think would actually make great boyfriend material, and it sucks – big time.

I’ve known this guy, lets call him ‘Dutch Dude’ (gimme a break, he’s Dutch and I’m running out of pseudonyms), for approximately seven years now.

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