Dating a vintage gibson

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Dating a vintage gibson

Another forum seemed to have a guy replying to peoples queeries, but it was a few years old that thread. Will be interesting to compare it to the faded special that I already have... There's also Guitar dater project which has a section on Gibsons.It'll show you the date and factory where it was made.It's sunburst and single-bound on the body, and appears to be mahogany laminate back and sides.It has an unbound tortoise-looking pickguard that mounts with an L-bracket to the side and presses onto a post that sticks out of the treble side of the fretboard.By verifying the date of manufacture of the Gibson amp you want to buy, you will be able to breath easy that you are getting an authentic amp for the right price.Can anyone point me in the right direction for checking out serial/details of a potential purchase I'm about to make?I checked Gibson site, but there's just details of what all the numbers mean - couldn't see a form for submitting or anything.

Sometimes it does take a flashlight in a dark room to see it as the ink stamped number fads over the years.

I was pleased that he offered the Mandolin Cafe the following Vintage Gibson A Mandolin guide.

The Vintage Gibson guide was made possible in part by Maxwell Mc Collough who provided the beautiful photographs you see in the A-Model guide.

The basic "A" and "F" model shapes were developed around the turn of the century, and have become the basis for most serious imitators since.

Regular production began in the early years of the 1900's, and continued unbroken until the WWII years, and again afterwards up to the modern times. If it doesn't sing, forget it- there are enough of them out there that you will eventually find one that you like.

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Is there somewhere else I might find a number, or is there another way to date this one?

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