Dating by phone

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Dating by phone

And if you really want results, bring out the heavy guns - have one of our Love Systems experts on retainer for your big night out and discreetly call, text, or email him for minute-by-minute advice. I'll be back for another consultation next to keep moving forward..." "I signed up for a phone consultation the night I was going to this party where I was pretty sure this smoking girl from my program was going to be...

I didn't know what to expect from a phone consultation, but I'm glad I signed up for it!

You like a girl and she likes you back but you cannot date her publicly for some reason. It may put you in a dilemma but what’s life without a little risk? Speaking of calls and texts, there’s one thing that makes secret romance much easier: a private phone number.

You cannot share the secret with anyone, even your best friends; you have to treat your lover like everyone else in public; your call logs and texts must be deleted as soon as possible because you never know who will see your phone…

All callers benefit from the confidentiality of the different interactive voice response systems that phone dating provides.

Callers can phone into the system, and their phone numbers and identities are never revealed to each other.

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When you are ready for another relationship, you can get another private phone number.

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