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The display at BAM marks the exhibition’s much-anticipated return to the U. Soon after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, all ethnic Japanese on the West Coast—more than two-thirds of whom were American citizens by birth—were ordered to leave their homes and forced into ten inland camps.The first group to be interned was 226 Japanese Americans living on Bainbridge Island.Yet the worry is that the longer they suffer in silence, the less they will act as a spur for revival in Japan.In the past week three developments have cast doubt on the usefulness of Japan's prevailing attitude of , or endurance.They are meant to show more of what culture shock is experienced and are * This is one of the first things you will notice about the Japanese.

There are many reactions and attitudes that Japanese will give off -- many of them the typical westerner would ordinarily not pick up on.

The words elskan and ástin are feminine, which is why they get the feminine pronoun, but the usage is not only limited to women.

= To love, tends to mean a very deep kind of love, either romantic or parental.

Arts & Crafts from the Japanese American Internment Camps AARP members can receive a discount on tickets for the “Art of Gamen” by showing their AARP membership card at the Bellevue Arts Museum from July 3 – October 14.

The Art of Gaman showcases more than 120 artifacts made by Japanese Americans in internment camps during World War II.

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It explores the creativity and ingenuity of these internees, as well as the concept of gaman, a Japanese expression for “enduring the seemingly unbearable with patience and dignity.” Works, ranging from tools, everyday objects, woodcarvings, paintings, furniture, toys, and more, are presented with historical context through photographs, documents, and films.

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