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I have listened to over 1,000 sermons on tape which he preached in his own pulpit in the 70s and early 80s. I sent students there and hired graduates from HAC. Were there problems, particularly in the latter years? Instead of hearing from Hyles’ deacons, let’s consider the testimonies of three women who knew Hyles far better and more intimately than the aforementioned Hyles defender knew him, better, in fact, than any pastor who is defending him today. It is easy to sit decades later and call that ministry a cult. Hyles had deacons come forward during Pastor Schools and would order them to “sit down,” “stand up,” “sit down,” “stand up” repeatedly to demonstrate his unquestioning power over them.

First of all, from a legal standpoint, it is highly unlikely that the courts will even give this kind of appeal a second thought. You only know about him from a distance and years later. However, the same deacons who investigated and fired Jack Schapp also investigated the charges of adultery against Jack Hyles and exonerated him.”It is a frightful fact that man’s will drives his discernment.Lawyers are trained in using minor mistakes to draw attention away from major facts.FBCH claims to be the home of America's largest Sunday school (with church membership of over 100,000, and thus, "is America's largest church," with total ministry property value of over million), and every year leads the nation in "conversions" and baptisms.(As of September of 2000, Hyles claimed to have fostered 23,000 conversions and to have baptized 8,000 each year over the previous six years.) Hyles once claimed to be personally responsible for leading over 750,000 souls to Christ!

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Each of these testimonies agree in major points that should cause any Bible-believing preacher to reject Jack Hyles as a gross hypocrite who was unqualified to be a pastor and as a cult leader rather than a true shepherd under Jesus Christ.