Dating sites for 30 something

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It’s aimed at time-starved professionals, who due to busy work and social lives simply don’t have the time to date.

This shouldn’t be difficult, it should be easy to be the best version of yourself around people with whom you spend time. There is a time and place for viewing the skeletons in your closet and unpacking your baggage. Your past has shaped who you are, it has shifted your paradigm and your perspective, but it is neither your present nor your future.Age is just a number—it only matters when you make it matter.When I was in my mid-20s, I wanted a guy who drove a nice car and who could afford to take me to a fancy restaurant.The power is entirely in the girls’ hands – but at least you lose the pressure of coming up with a dazzling opener. All I have to do is swipe on women I’m attracted to and find interesting and eventually some of them message me.It takes out all of your carefully crafted openers that never get responses from matches that swiped right on you in a drunken stupor or are just looking for validation and not a date.

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