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Dirty chat roomd no account no login free

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Remember all that hullaballoo a couple of years ago, when #Net Neutrality was the rallying cry on the interwebs?

If net neutrality is taken away, it can spell disaster for the current web.

Suddenly Bill Nye's disembodied head is floating across your screen, with 1s and 0s streaming in and out of his ears. Instead your carrier confronts some laws of physics and gets those 1s and 0s from the little brick in your hand to a cellular tower that's miles away, which then sends the call over a mess of wires, pipes, and lines that dates back to Alexander Graham Bell himself.

ANDROID APP - There is an updated version of our official Android app in the Play Store.

If you are a regular user of our Android app, please upgrade as soon as you can. Net Neutrality is at risk, and we're coming together to push the FCC to preserve a neutral net. " we have delved back into the FMA's own podcast archive and pulled a bunch of samples from our podcast about Net Neutrality from 2014 with Michael Weinberg from Public Knowledge (back then - he now works for Shapeways, and we interviewed him about IP and 3D Printing too). We have a few beat pack and stem packs (Loop Mania, Bonus Beat Blast, Not Drunk) and of course there are tons of resources for this purpose over at cc and

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"Did you know," shouts Bill Nye (I don't know why he's shouting, but he is), "that when you make a cellular phone call your voice is transmitted as digital data, just like how a CD or DVD stores information? It's all very impressive, but who are they trying to impress?

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