Edison chen dating 16

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Edison chen dating 16

Eva’s friend revealed that she had been dating Tom for 5 years, and as Tom is in love with both women, he is not willing to let either go.Eva has since denied her relationship with Tom, and stressed that they are friends.I do it all the time but I keep the photos, not them. The news broke out when Cammi Tse left her phone in a taxi.Naughty pictures and SMS texts of her and Edison got released to the press. All the naughty pictures and sex videos that he had with famous female celebrities were leaked all over the internet by the employees of that computer store.

Prior to this, she was also seen accessing his house many times.I wouldn’t mind kicking it with Edison Chen either.But it sucks for those female celebs because their vajajay were all over the internet and up close. Edisongate has returned to the Internet and this time it involves a 16-year-old female student and, apparently, sexual fetishes and sexting.Pop star Edison Chen, whose sex pictures with female celebrities went viral and led to a scandal in 2008, on Tuesday admitted having dated Cammi Tse, 16, hours after pictures of them exchanging hot kisses appeared in tabloid Eastweek and were circulated online.

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I thought he was cute, and his package was pretty big compared to most Chinese men I know.

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