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Suzy already paired with Kim Soo Hyun in dream high, and Lee Jong Suk already paired with Park Shin Hye in pinocchio, why don't the producer try to swtich these couples? Yeah it's true and I'd like to say this, Korean people are normal just like you, they aren't all pretty. Suzy wish you the best with your future plans and enjoy your relationship egzona^^ She's my most favourite ideal. If you guys think she's no match for Lee Minho, well I'm sorry I should say I think you are SO WRONG. I'm not a big fan of Lee minho I just respect him because he's great in acting, but really Suzy is much better than him! Lee min ho and Park shin hye, they both acted in the heirs. Why are you jealous that she is dating Lee Min Ho?! T_T I'm happy for her but i dont know why im crying... Automatically his fans are yours be kind and show love to them no matter comments they send,everybody cannot accept you. A sure hit film &of cuz,another acting awards for her soon(suppose to! Hasn't been long since I saw you in the drama called dream high.

Hwaiting unnie are you serious i must be very stupid not to recognise suzy sooner i didnt know that suzy that date lee min ho that i said are not match is my sweetheart in dream high i luv u bae suzy funny how things goes Hi I'm your Fan!! I really hope one day i can see Suzy x Lee Jong Suk or Park Shin Hye x Kim Soo Hyun in a drama!! Haha, I sometimes hear people saying how cool Kpop is and how attractive Korean celebrities are, but the some person will always walk up and say that it's because they all do surgery. Whatever I think truly fans support and protect they idols whatever, Suzy is and will be on of the most popular and beautiful stars in Korea. I will be honest, I cried when I saw the news that Suzy and minho confirm dating. Pls take care of him, he's dear to our heart,give him tender loving care and manage hid inadequacies,he will also manage yours. Pray for their fast recovery as you have broken their hearts! The Hymn must be a great film since she's been putting a lot of efforts in it...

Even though his actions affected her family, she should have accepted it because her father murdered Do-Won's sister and father.

, Don't keep reading unless you watched this drama already!!!! Shes great and she acted great in this drama too... I felt like she never accepted Kang Do-Won's actions.

They help you also to become famous ;-) think of the negative comments as your improvements to improve better.. That's the one thing I kind of feel ashamed of for my country. She had a rating from 93% now it is 89% , I guess after The Dating news she won to much haters. Congratulation Suzy baby,we love you more as you are now the love of our Princess life. And to the people who is saying she can't sing , R U DEAF? She has this angelic voice that heals all your problem. Suzy acts so naturally and by 20,she already landed two leading roles in two successful dramas... Suzy Bae :) I'm so so proud of you *XOXO* I really missed your dramas, I'm your #0.0 fan, hihi.

Makes them as your friend because you cannot be on top without them.. Anyways, I really like her because she hasn't done plastic surgery like the majority of celebrities XD. You do know when two people love each other they fight against the current just to prove it. : D I found it so impolite from all Lee Min Ho's fans that downvoted Suzy's rating here in asianwiki. I remember when she said man never hitting on her before, I glad Minho ask her. All I want to say is that Suzy is a very great girl if any boy just saw her they would love her like me. She is buying house and cars for her family and I'm here just using my parents money. Although she is not the best , she is improving a lot.

Después del capítulo diecisiete Lee Hyuk Jae regresa como MC y una última unión de Kang Soo Jung como la única MC femenina y pasando a ser cinco conductores.

Still waiting for your new k-drama with oppa jongsuk. I promise kkkkkk I love your drama "Uncontrollably Fond".. I always waiting for ur upcoming drama with kimwoobin . the best thing is that your improving in singing and acting .. I'm not conceited, or narcissistic, I'm just accepting it you know what I mean. Seeing many Minshin fan heartbroken when they found out got me piseed and mad. Hello Suzy eonni :) when I heard the news about you and Minho oppa I feel well hearted cause finally Minho oppa had you. Silly Me Hi unnie I'm a big fan of yours, your the reason why I became a kpop lover, I love your acting, singing, dancing..

Despite those flaws I liked the cast and the mood of the drama. Lee Si Young is always sweet but she is totally underused. She's got horrible fillers in her cheeks that make her face look swollen.

Plus her make up is a mess, her skin looks reptilian, green and granular. In fact the actors that entertained me the most were the sexy Uhm Ki Joon (even if his role is not big enough), Kim Kyu Cheol as the despicable Park Hee Seo and my favourite here, Jung Bo Suk as the villain.

Từ tập 2 Song Jihyo gia nhập, trở thành thành viên thứ 8.

Lizzy của After School làm khách mời các tập 13, 14, 18, đến tập 19 trở thành thành viên thứ 9 của Running Man.

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