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The latest good girl to go crazy for a bad boy is Selena Gomez, who is currently suffering from a severe case of Bieber fever (and probably a few STDs as well).

Stuck in the make up/break cycle with the Biebs, she ditched her gal pals Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato, has faced rumors of breast implants, and has had headlines attached to her name that would be more appropriate for (gasp! Bieber might be a superstar, but emotionally, he's no different than any of the bad boys we've dated, if not worse.

Knowledge , education only became important since 19 th century in Western world ( in lots of developing countries since WW2 ) .

Humans survival instinct still prefer aggressive alpha males and , look down less aggressive nerds .

Because they are too naive to know what the guys want.

I wish that older women would tell younger women about men - it would save a lot of grief.

At the time, I was a brunette with straight, shoulder-length hair.But those aggressive , alpha males are bad parents and cheats a lot .So , woman strongly attracted to alpha males for short term mate , but for marriage , they prefer less aggressive males .Nate had transferred from a beach somewhere in southern California, so I now had an older boy with sun-bleached, shoulder-length hair and dark, tanned skin, sitting next to me. ”Nate draped a languid arm over the back of his chair, “Don’t have it.”“And why not? Neam’s voice went up a full octave.“Don’t need it.”“Exxx-cuse me, young man? “If you hope to survive my class, you will most And that’s when Nate — in an act of rebellion so unheard of, so brazen that it became the unofficial Fairview Junior High motto — said,“WHATEVER.”At that moment, my brain turned to marshmallow and I whispered low and soft, “Nate, will you marry me?”Well, this whole “I-heart-Nate” crap went on for most of the year.

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Hence woman have less muscle compared to man , they need physically strong , aggressive man to defend themselves .