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Hangs when updating vista

Question: Windows update went bad, now my PC is stuck in endless updating cycle My Windows Vista laptop downloaded some Windows automatic updates and the third update never updated properly.

If you don't know how to start in 'Safe Mode', all you have to do is start up your computer and repeatedly hit the f8 button till it gives you the option to start in 'Safe Mode'I hope this helps Go to control panel, click on security center, go to automatic updates then change your preferences to notify me but don't automatically download or install them, which you should do anyways since you don't want all the downloads....unless you just really like SP3 or IE8 lol. It will not download or update unless you tell it to and which ones to update.

Go to C:\Windows\Software Distribution and delete all contents of that folder then reboot your PC. If instead of folder you can see a shortcut (symbolic link) create Software Distribution folder in the same place as shown in shortcut destination (this can be viewed in shortcut properties) After system reboot press again Winkey R and type Sounds nuts but I think it had something to do with Norton Internet Security (pre-installed trial on the box). its random and almost all the time gets worst when i do multitasking task manager shows its the system process Hello everyone, let me start off by apologizing if this was in the wrong section (I was thing maybe this should have been put in the updates section? Any way, My issue is that I have a HP Pavilion G6 2399-sa and it is currently running the HP OEM version of windows 8, I have previously...

Now both Windows Update & Windows Defender are finally successfully running & updating. In Control Panel, Troubleshooting, System & Security, Fix Problems with Windows Update, Advanced, Run as Administrator: It says it fixed the problem (whatever that may be). I have a Windows 8 machine with Windows 8.1 upgrade.

Then do your updates and when you are done, change it back. My experience with this problem is that the Microsoft article linked above was utterly useless.

System Restore only works if you have restore points saved on your computer.

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When it hangs it is usually showing the Windows 7 desktop because I am always in that...

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