Insfficient key column information for updating or refreshing

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SQL Server Statistics assist the query optimiser to calculate the best way of running the query.Holger describes every common way that things can go wrong with statistics, and how to put matters right.This update brings 15.4 out of beta and into a stable release.

This is because the full refresh truncates or deletes the table before inserting the new full data volume.

Performing a refresh operation requires temporary space to rebuild the indexes and can require additional space for performing the refresh operation itself.

Some sites might prefer not to refresh all of their materialized views at the same time: as soon as some underlying detail data has been updated, all materialized views using this data become stale.

It is also the rowset implementation integrated into the Data Shaping Service for OLE DB.

The root mission of the CCE is to be the premier lightweight, remotable cache for client-size structured data chunks, providing fast and rich scrolling, sorting, filtering, shaping, and updating.

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The CPU, memory, and disk requirements that will meet the needs of a particular environment depend on the number and type of objects in your environment and data collected, which includes the number and type of adapters installed, the presence of HA, the duration of data retention, and the quantity of specific data points of interest.

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