No interest in dating after divorce

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Ben Affleck is ready to start dating again, just one month after he signed off on the divorce papers which Jennifer Garner had initially retracted.

Some people need to talk to therapists to achieve this, while some people are able to deal with it themselves. Depending on your kids’ ages, and how they’ve dealt with your divorce, can have a big effect on how they react to you starting to date again.He’s not rushing into anything but he’s definitely interested in seeing where things take him with the women he’ll date in the near future.Now that his split from Jennifer is official, Ben Affleck wants to focus his attention on his movie career more than ever, and if he can make time to date someone, he’ll definitely do that.They will appreciate your interest in their feelings, and in turn will try to think of yours.Life after divorce can certainly be hard, but it is by no means over!

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But, we humans are instinctively drawn to partnering up.

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