Olga kay dating toby turner

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Olga kay dating toby turner

A You Tube Red series titled I Am Tobuscus is currently in the works — described as a scripted comedy about a self-involved You Tube star.

According to Fletcher, Turner raped her and also drugged her when he slipped Molly into her drink in 2013. That’s all.” In the wake of Fletcher’s allegations, several other women have come forward to offer comment.

His work includes original songs and comedy shorts, "Literal Trailers" of video games and films, song and commercial parodies, and a comedy clip series called, "Cute Win Fail".

He owns a vlog known as "Lazy Vlog", and a gaming channel, Toby Games, also known as "Toby Sucks at Gaming".

q=from: April Efff to: Toby Turner&src=typd&lang=en) …and be mostly ignored by Toby, it’s no surprise that she’d be more into him than he was with her. But she obviously had no idea about Toby’s problem or that they were dating. She says in her Tumblr post that after being drugged on the 26 of February, she was able to drive a car the next afternoon from Toby’s house. It was a typo, and April actually meant the next morning. Covering a lie with a mistake is the oldest trick in the book. So, tweeting your rapist 4 months ago about a television show you told him about wasn’t traumatizing, yet seeing a toy of him two weeks ago was? April tweeting to Toby just five months after she claims she stopped talking to him.

Seeing as they were dating for a short period of time. April’s been doing it everytime she’s been questioned about her claims. April says Toby drugged her on February 26, 2013, right? Apparently, not “fucked up” enough to dance around with some Asian dude. But it still doesn’t explain the flirty-esque in the tweet. As if they all come from a text argument they both had.

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The programme first aired on Friday 10 April 1992 and 18 series have so far been aired.